Greek jewellery at Bijorhca

The Greek creative industries stand out with an innovative and conceptual artistic approach, where ancient crafts and ancestral skills intertwine with the country's rich cultural and historical legacy in a modern and experimental dynamic.

Enhanced with strong symbolism, Greek creations delve into past legacies to weave future inspiration. Here's a focus on our selection of creators combining symbolism, innovation, and emotion, to be showcased at our upcoming Bijorhca edition, from the 8th to the 10th of September 2024.

Giorgia Charal

Giorgia Charal distinguishes herself with a minimalist and authentic philosophy. Her creations, with surreal accents, feature a subtle and singular femininity. The brand appeals to free-spirited and versatile individuals, attentive to hidden meanings within aesthetical details.

Cristina Brampti

Cristina Brampti draws inspiration from applied arts and scientific curiosities. This innovative and distinctive approach brings an extravagant identity to her creations. Through her original compositions, the designer explores a sophisticated balance between modernity, experimental forms and volumes, emotion, and geometry.

Alexandra Tsoukala

Alexandra Tsoukala champions an empirical and pragmatic creative approach. Her captivating, colourful, and poetic creations blend modern techniques with a process of reinterpreting primary materials from which she draws inspiration.

Katerina Vassou

Katerina Vassou combines spontaneity, innovation, and unconventional materials in her designs. Her artisanal mastery and sculptural approach to design breathe life into expressive and unique creations. The brand addresses an audacious audience, who values dreams and magic in their jewellery's story.

F.L Private

F.L Private designs experimental pieces inspired by nature and the vibrant colours of Greek landscapes. By merging ancestral crafts, multicultural influences, and conceptual innovation, her creations depict a subtle balance between modernity and tradition.

7PM Leather Jewels

7PM Leather Jewels, a brand with strong international influences, celebrates the perpetual interaction between humanity and nature. Inspired by urban geometry, 7PM's designs merge an organic and minimalist aesthetic with the colourful innocence of childhood. This harmony is achieved through the elegant and feminine purity of the jewellery lines.

Dora Haralambaki

Dora Haralambaki defines her creative process as  a “silent contemplation”. A deep immersion into the mystery of colour, its symbolism, unique emotions, and the individualities it expresses. Her practical approach to design aims to extract the solitary qualities of the materials she uses, resulting in a modern and colourful outcome.

Yann Jobard