Summer Escape: the Heat of our Shoe Selection

Our upcoming edition of Who’s Next, from the 8th to the 10th of September, invites you to travel with our summer shoe creators. From the beach to summer evenings, the forthcoming collections are an explosion of innovation and culture. Unique and sophisticated creations, vibrant with exoticism.

 Get ready to experience a summer of travels and escapes with our exceptional Summer Shoes.


Cacatoes is a vibrant and colourful brand influenced by Brazilian beach culture and street style. True to its roots, Cacatoes offers a selection of sandals that combine bright colours and casual aesthetic, perfect for the city or the beach. A bubblegum scent adds a touch of originality to their sustainable and resistant creations. 


Scholl is a German brand that embodies wellness and quality. Known for its ergonomic designs, Scholl offers comfortable sandals with a timeless style. Their summer selection features minimalist models with clean lines, prioritising freedom of movement and lightness. Inspired by European craftsmanship, each pair of Scholl promises a summer of ease and adventure.


Kenner is a Brazilian brand with an urban and sport-chic flair. With its robust and sporty sandals, Kenner accompanies you on all your summer escapades. Their innovative and durable designs reflect Brazil’s unique outdoor culture. Their creative approach unites functionality with conceptual aesthetics. Kenner calls for exploration, with style and comfort.


Contre-Allée embodies French elegance and creativity. This brand offers artisanal sandals with minimalist lines and refined details, perfect for a sunny summer day. Each pair, crafted with great attention to detail, celebrates Parisian chic and Malagasy local craftsmanship. Contre-Allée approaches raffia crafts with a modern and innovative intake, bringing a touch of subtle elegance, essential to our summer wardrobe.

Les Tropéziennes

Les Tropéziennes is an iconic Mediterranean   brand. Its leather sandals, inspired by the Saint-Tropez lifestyle, marry tradition and modernity in a spirit of French elegance. Their boho-chic creations with natural tones and timeless patterns are indispensable for our sunny days. Les Tropéziennes embody the spirit of a summer filled with charm and freedom.

Ilse Jacobsen

Ilse Jacobsen embodies Scandinavian design with a touch of practical elegance. Originating from Denmark, the brand offers comfortable sandals with clean lines. Their warm shades and qualitative materials reflect a functional and sophisticated aesthetic. Ilse Jacobsen combines chic and comfort through a minimalist approach for a summer promising calm and simplicity.


Victoria, a Spanish house, celebrates its cultural heritage through modern and colourful creations. Known for its casual and relaxed sneakers and sandals, Victoria offers vibrant and eco-friendly models. Inspired by Spanish urban culture, each Victoria creation embodies a dynamic and contemporary spirit.

Hebe Athens

Hebe Athens is a Greek brand that unites traditions and craftsmanship. Its high-end sandals, with meticulously worked details, are inspired by Greek cultural heritage and infused with mythological storytelling. Their designs are locally and sustainably crafted, ensuring each step brings timeless elegance.


Worishofer is an innovative Austrian house distinguished by its unique and retro-chic designs. The Woris Hofer sandals combine innovative design with conceptual aesthetics. Inspired by Austrian craftsmanship, each of their creations embodies exclusivity and originality.

Yann Jobard