Connected Retail By Zalando: a digital service for physicals stores

Zalando is partnering with Traffic to present its Connected Retail program to independent retailers and fashion brands, and will be at Who's Next from September 3 to 6 in Paris.

More than a year after the start of the health crisis, the market is still trying to navigate through this difficult time... Connected Retail offers independent retailers with physical stores a way to accelerate their business and enter the multi-channel era with ease. Launched by Zalando in 2018 and already deployed in 12 countries, Connected Retail arrived in France, Spain and will soon be available in Italy.Based on the fact that 300,000 stores in Europe are not yet connected, Zalando, with its more than 42 million customers in 23 markets, imagines Connected Retail to offer retailers and brands an increase in their sales capacity. With more than 4.700 stores connected in 2 years in Europe (Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, Poland, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Austria, Switzerland etc...), Connected Retail has proven itself. Today, the teams come to meet the South European retailers in order to highlight the benefits of the solution and create new partnerships for now and the future."A partnership with Connected Retail by Zalando can offer you new perspectives. We connect stores of all sizes with Europe's leading fashion platform" says Luca Erimacea, Sales Director Southern Europe, Connected Retail by Zalando. [embed][/embed]

3 questions to understand the CONNECTED RETAIL by ZALANDO solution

For whom and what does this solution consist of?Connected Retail by Zalando is a program available to all types of physical retailers, whether they offer their own brand, whether they are franchisees or independent retailers, as long as their offer is in fashion, accessories and/or sports..Through a simple ERP/POS, the platform provides online content, login software, customer service, payment options and personal account managers, all without capital costs or expensive system integration.What benefits for independent retailers?Connected Retail by Zalando is first and foremost a solution that generates additional business that is not being exploited by retailers, allowing you to increase your reach to a built-in audience of millions of fashion shoppers online and generate up to 60% additional sales volume.To develop visibility and traffic in your store, this tool encourages drive to store: consumers can use a filter allowing them to display only products coming from physical stores. Once the purchase is made, the product is directly picked up at your point of sale, or delivered to the address indicated by the customer.Better understand your customers to build loyalty: once the products are present on the platform, and the orders are placed by consumers, Connected Retail shares the data with the physical store, which makes it possible to study and process the sales. Connected Retail is therefore also a performance analysis tool, allowing you to adjust your store's strategy according to the results observed.How do I become a seller on Connected Retail by Zalando?In order to register as a retailer on Zalando via Connected Retail, you - as a physical store - only need to be equipped with inventory management software and to sell product categories listed on Zalando (Clothing, Shoes, Sports, Accessories). Once you have registered, a consultant will assist you in optimizing your online store on the market place.Plan de travail 3Meet the Connected Retail team on Traffic during the next Who's Next during 4 days, stand G69, hall 6.By the end of the year, Zalando aims to have more than 600 French retailers. They will present their solution in the Who's Next Talks x Connected Retail by Zalando conference area on Friday, September 3 at 12:00."During the keynote "Open To Grow: How will your physical business thrive in a digital world?", we will address the topic of growth in retail today and give reasons why it is important and how you can help shape the future of retail. " says Luca Erimacea, Sales Director Southern Europe, Connected Retail by Zalando.An opportunity to grow your business and reach online and building an omnichannel approach for now and the future, more information de travail 2

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