Brilliant, Bijorhca's creative jewel

In the Brilliant space, an oasis of artistic expression at the heart of Bijorhca, true artists and master jewelers transform rare and precious materials into works of art.

Each creation, crafted with exceptional expertise, becomes a vehicle for strong messages, telling a story, an origin or a deeply personal message.

In Visible Project

A project born on the Basque coast, inspired by the desire to recycle marine waste. Here, silver blends with a fishing net for minimalist pieces whose profits are donated to associations fighting environmental pollution. In Visible Project is committed to supporting environmental associations by highlighting pollution through jewelry.

Giulia Iosco

In her workshop in the heart of Rome, Giulia Iosco creates unique jewelry that fuses sculptural technique and pigment alchemy to create innovative wearable art concepts.

CF Atelier

At the CF ATELIER workshop in Rheinbach, Germany, jewelry is designed and made to measure, from creation to transformation and repair. Each piece is produced from 100% recycled silver or gold.

Je Ne Suis Pas Une Potiche

Since 2023, the Je Ne Suis Pas Une Potiche jewelry brand has embodied a new chapter in the world of jewelry. Conceived as a manifesto ode to freedom, the brand symbolizes the spirit of free, daring women.

Emilie Issart

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