Blooming Spring: trending on Who's Next

This season witnesses a return to Nature and the roots of creativity for the creative industries. Here is a focus on our selection of brands with bucolic aesthetics, from ready-to-wear to leather goods, shoes, and jewellery, to be showcased at the next edition of Who's Next, from the 8th to the 10th of September 2024.

The themes proposed by the Metropolitan Museum of New York City for its annual exhibition, "Sleeping Beauties; Reawakening Fashion," and the 2024 edition of the Met Gala, "The Garden of Time," confirmed it. These themes reflect a creative dynamic centred on the celebration and preservation of Nature as a source of inspiration.


Nach draws inspiration from its French and Thai heritage. Specialising in working with noble materials, particularly porcelain, their jewellery and ready-to-wear collections celebrate the exotic diversity of flora and fauna at the heart of a creative family dynamic.


Naguisa imposes its creative vision through a subtle alliance between tradition and modernity, infused with its Mediterranean origins. Noble and authentic, its "boho-chic" style creations celebrate the perpetual evolution of the environment, inspired by its colours and elegance.


Orfeo takes its creative breath from the formal beauty of French Arts and Cinema. Their pieces are aimed at a clientele of free and dreamy creative spirits, valuing self-acceptance, authenticity, and kindness. This humanity is reflected in fluid, romantic, and timeless creations inspired by a lyrical and noble Nature.


Cashfana offers a human, romantic, and emotional approach through its creations. Its Spanish roots blend exotic inspirations and colourful aesthetics. Each piece, handcrafted, is a cultural celebration of Nature and its floral richness.

Sissel Edelbo

Sissel Edelbo, a Danish house, offers colourful and feminine creations with a "boho-chic" spirit. Their responsible and sustainable creative approach celebrates the cultural and artisanal richness of India through a holistic and timeless dynamic. Their high-quality and upcycled materials depict the natural and wild beauty of Indian landscapes depicted in their romantic compositions.

Sans Arcidet

Sans Arcidet offers a Parisian and elegant aesthetic through its creations. Infused with a drive for exoticism and authenticity, their creative dynamics celebrate unique traditional craftsmanship from the island of Madagascar in a spirit of timeless and authentic elegance. Their approach combines modernity, tradition, and the warmth of a human spirit inspired by Wilderness.


Camia stands out with its interchangeable and resilient creations that combine eco-responsibility, elegance, and versatility. Designed for strong and confident women, each unique creation depicts a romantic interpretation of natural evolutions and dynamics.

Jimena Rilova

Jimena Rilova creates and assembles a selection of unique earrings designs in Spain. In a perspective of deconstructing natural elements, their creations cater to bold, light, and romantic spirits valuing singular and sustainable designs.

Les Belles Vagabondes

Les Belles Vagabondes features creations inspired by the numerous travels of its designers. Combining natural, artistic, and exotic inspirations, the brand singularity resides in an oriental, floral, and romantic aesthetic energized by its vibrant colour palette. Standing as a true celebration of Indian craftsmanship, their silks and accessories offer a versatile, timeless, and authentic style.


Xiwijk celebrates the ancestral craftsmanship of India through vibrant and colourful creations. Combining an Italian spirit of romance with floral patterns embroidered by the artisanal mastery of its Indian workshops, Xiwijk champions a sustainable and federating vision of creativity, preserving and drawing inspiration from the riches of the natural world.

Yann Jobard