Beauty Brands to Discover at Who's Next

Discover these Beauty brands on Who’s Next l IMPACT l Traffic, joining Première Classe from the 2nd to 4th October 2020 at Jardin des Tuileries in Paris.

BE [...] MY FRIENDBE […] MY FRIEND is a fresh and young skincare label, which was founded in 2015 by Petra Schröckeneder in Salzburg with the mission to create high-quality, purely herbal skincare and silicone and paraben-free products that can be used and combined for different purposes. BE […] MY FRIEND’s philosophy is based on two things: your skin and how they treat the environment. The brand relies on resource-saving, sustainable production in Austria with social responsibility, using entirely natural raw materials and recyclable and refillable packaging.1NYA PARISAfter a nasty case of acne, Carole decided to pay closer attention to the products she was putting on her skin; so, for a long time, she looked for a brand that demonstrated awareness of the characteristics of black skin and clearly explained the ingredients used. She was surprised to find that there were few companies adapted to the skincare needs of black women, and in many cases the products actually caused more problems than they solved. NYA PARIS was created to cater to Carole’s own skincare needs, as well as those of other women. Transparency, attentiveness, a simplified routine and women that look like you: these are the key values of NYA PARIS.2JE COSMÉTIQUESimple. Natural. Efficient. As a chemical engineer, the founder of Je Cosmétique believes in the importance of recognising the ingredients in the skincare we use, as well as understanding the methods used to create them. With their products being tailored to your specific needs, Je Cosmétique is all about taking back control of your skincare routine.4LES SAVONS DE BEAThe story of Les Savons de Bea began in 2018. The founder of the brand, Béatrice Lecerf, started making her own 100% natural soaps at home using the cold saponification method. As an agricultural engineer by trade and a mother of four, she has always been a fan of organic cosmetics. Béatrice has spent a portion of her life taking care of her family and of nature and so it is with this sentiment in mind that she created Les Savons de Bea. The goal of this brand is to take care of your skin on a daily basis.3

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