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2-4 September 2023

20-22 January 2024

Paris, Porte de Versailles

Impact in a few words

Sustainable, Solidary, Recycled, Committed, Nomadic, Fashion, Community, Transformation

Since when

IMPACT was launched by WSN in September 2019.


Impact is an initiative dedicated to fashion, sustainable design, and every positive action within the fashion industry which contributes towards the ecological transition of the sector.
Impact presents brands, manufacturers, solutions, collectives, associations, exhibitions and talks. All these committed players are brought together to promote new ways of producing and consuming fashion.

For whom

Uniting all the positive players and initiatives of the industry, IMPACT is the gathering which shines a light on solutions, calling the community to act today for the united, ecological transition. True source of inspiration, information and solutions, IMPACT welcomes buyers, brands, media professionals and management teams of French and international companies, who are keen to transform, and educate themselves about the evolution of the fashion sector.

Since their creation - 2011 for Neonyt, 2019 for Impact - these two events have as a common mission to favor long term change in the fashion sector, in an authentic, direct and transparent way.

They have exhibited at IMPACT

1083, Alinfini, &MOI BY ID-LINK, 17H10, 2 mai Paris, ALRJ, Anoralp, Artchiv, Association Jean-Luc François, Aszpak Paris, Ava Paris, Azaadi Boutique, Beflamboyant, Belle de Crécy, Bizance Paris, Bombay Sunset, Chaussettes orphelines, Christelle Tran-Thiet, Cofur Denmark, Cygnes, Dedicated, Disruptual, Ecofun, Ekyog, Emmaüs France, Ethiopian Highland Leather, Eunoia Paris, Girafon Bleu, Green Lion, Harlie K, Hello World, Hummade, Instance, Isko, Jadduu, Jade Venturi, Kiplay Vintage, Komodo, Kuyichi, L'opticienne Verte, La gentle Factory, La Pièce Paris, Le slip français, Les Izmoor, Les Petites Epopées, Les racines du ciel, Mama Tierra, Mansaya, Meduse, Meeko, MOEA, Musu, My Tailors & Co, Nagev, Nazem, Noyoco, Nuances De Flow, O.T.A, OA Non-Fashion / The Goal Digger, One Peace Revelation, Open Plan, Osâme Paris, Paris Remade, Pauz, Perdième, Rive Droite Paris, Shoe.Shoe, SKFK, Soruka, Stapf, Suite13Lab, Theoni Paris, United Souls, Vedette, Wellin, Wilschau

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