WSN is committed

The events are ephemeral moments of sharing, bearers of values, creators of social ties and supporters of the local economy. However, they are also sources of pollution: the key challenge is therefore, to reduce environmental impact.

Strong in our commitment to a CSR approach, we have decided to voluntarily implement the Charter's recommendations for environmentally responsible events in Paris, at all stages of our events (design, installation, dismantling).

Our objective is to limit the environmental and behavioural impacts of the event, at the same time as improving its integration into the local environment.

-> 5 objectives regarding the design of the event
-> 3 objectives relating to the development of an environmentally responsible communication
-> 1 objective regarding the support and promotion of inclusiveness and diversity

Our 9 objectives

1 / Limit the ecological footprint of the transport of people and merchandise

2 / Conserve energy resources

3 / Prioritise the use of reusable and recyclable products and facilities

4 / Reduce, sort and recycle waste

5 / Favour sustainable catering

6 / Implement environmentally responsible modes of communication

7 / Raise awareness of sustainable, social and ethical development issues

8 / Recognise, identify and offset the event’s ecological footprint

9 / Promote diversity and inclusiveness to our community

WSN is also one of the key links in the fashion industry, connecting brands and retailers for over 30 years, with our PREMIERE CLASSE, WHO’S NEXT, IMPACT and TRAFFIC events.

We are conscious of this powerful status, and our role as an industry influencer. This is why, through the IMPACT event, WSN is committed to highlighting the positive initiatives of responsible fashion players, both to enable them to grow, and to influence and inform those who have questions and have not yet switched to positive fashion.

From January 1, 2023, WSN is committed to no longer featuring animal fur on all its events

For the last three years, WSN has been committed through IMPACT to guiding its community towards the crucial path of eco-responsible transformation.

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