WSN is committed to no longer featuring animal fur on all its events

​​From January 1, 2023

For the last three years, WSN has been committed through IMPACT to guiding its community towards the crucial path of eco-responsible transformation.
We admire the brands that act with determination and resilience to change and innovate, despite all the difficulties they face. We want to contribute as well.

Concerned about being in tune with the expectations and evolution of our society, we have decided that as of January 1, 2023, we will no longer accept the presentation of collections made from animal fur at all our events. Additionally, all WSN participation contracts will now include a pledge from exhibitors to no longer display animal fur on their booth.

Fashion made from animal fur belongs to a bygone era.

We' ll continue to encourage and promote all innovations, particularly those that propose alternative, eco-responsible materials that protect against the cold.

We are aware of the impact that this decision may have for the people involved. But the eco-responsible transformation requires us to change our behavior. We will assume them. And we call on all professionals and consumers to commit collectively to this transformation, which will be beneficial to our planet and our children.

Practical information:

For over 30 years, WSN has been selecting brands for our events based on style criteria. Like all retailers who come to our events, we select brands to create an offer that matches the trends and our personality.

We decided to add a "material" criterion to our selection process.

What we mean by "Fur": Any animal skin or part of skin to which hair, fleece or fur fibers are attached, in its raw or transformed state, excluding skins transformed into leather.

As an example, here are some of the animal species whose fur will no longer be selected for display at our events:
Raccoon dogs

Will continue to be selected on our events:
Woolen skin and wool (except mink wool and angora)
Leather and exotic leathers
Natural and non-synthetic materials (except animal fur).

The selected brands will be asked not to present the models that include these materials on our events.

We specify that the country of origin is not part of our selection criteria. On the contrary, as an international fashion trade show, our vocation is to welcome and bring together international professionals.

The WSN Team